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He Leadeth Me Local and National Tour

Local Premiere Tour

Please join us in the following locations throughout October and November for the premier of He Leadeth Me. Dates will be available as they are confirmed.

Memorial Auditorium
Worthington, Minnesota

Grand Rapids, Minnesota

Barnesville, Minnesota

Oak Hill Church
Bloomington, Minnesota

Hillcrest Lutheran Academy
Fergus Falls, Minnesota

West Union, Iowa

Dell Rapids, South Dakota


National Release Tour

In January, be one of 10 National Communities to share the message of the Prodigal Son through the film He Leadeth Me before the release of the final DVD.

For your gift of $200, your showing package includes the film and rights to show it. Use the proceedes from your event however you wish. All gifts go towards final costs of production. Thank you for your support.

Available Soon

9 of 10 showings available

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Fathers Day Tribute: He Leadeth Me Then and Now

He Leadeth Me is about some very special fathers and the love of a heavenly Dad that loves us so much to seek us out. just like our dads, these characters have been loving us for the past 8 years so below you can see them from our first version of #heleadethme filmed in 2011 and premiered in 2012.

We know you have some special men in your lives as well and we’d love the opportunity to honor them! We are on our very last strength of fundraising for this project and must raise $4,500 in the next few weeks. It’s the LAST stretch, friends! Consider giving tonight at and we will put the name of your father or a beloved man in the credits of our film. Any amount. His name will be there.

The film #heleadethme digs deep into the hearts of three fathers and the families they represent. In 2012, Redeemer’s Song Ministries premiered our very first film at A Center for the Arts in Fergus Falls. With over 50 participants, we celebrated the project as a cast and crew by hosting over 400 people at the premiere. What an exciting night! This fall, in September, we have the opportunity to bring our anniversary edition of this film to ten very special communities to show how far we’ve come and to share this ever-important story with our viewers. Tonight, we’ll share with you how YOU can be a part of this!

Our original story, as this anniversary edition, is inspired by Jesus’ beautiful parable of the prodigal son. In 2011, our version closely resembled the Biblical telling. This time around you’ll see twists and turns. The heart behind the story, however, has never changed. The Gospel is the reason we do what we do.

Photo: Nick Mundis (“Judge Ethan Carter”) and Joe Larson (“Shawn Harper”) We welcome the return of these actors to their original roles!





In 2011, “Rev. Arden Cole” was played by the talented Daniel Tostenson. This year, we introduced Kip Sundlee in the newly revised role of “Rev. Michael Cole” With every revision there is an evolution. What incredible growth!

Pray for Kip this week as he mourns the loss of his mother





In our films, we rely heavily on the talent of our featured extras and extras. In 2011, we had a huge number of involvement from Fergus Falls and surrounding communities. Here are two of the director’s favorite “families” from the original film: the “Rosgaards” and the “Barrys”

Photos: Leah Drexler, Jeff Kaminski, Debbie, Kaminski, Dawson Rodriguez, Nathan Kaminski-Horak, Josey Wilson, Garrett GranseeStephanie Quernemoen, and Natalie Lerbakken

Introducing a new character that was only ever mentioned in the first version of #heleadethme. A cast member suggested at a workshop that “Shawn Harper’s” father “Orrin Harper” be seen. It’s been a decision we’ve never regretted and we love Pete Woit because of what he created. We can’t wait to share this new character with you.





One of our strongest themes in this story is the idea of a father being present for the fatherless. In our first version, we had a score of characters that will not be seen in the second version but the theme is just as strong. We miss these guys and they are remembered fondly as the gang, led by “father” who went by the name of “Lick” played by legend Jerry Covington.

Photos: Matthew Helland, Nathan Johnson, Dan Olson, Josiah BurkhardsmeierJoe Larson













No matter what we do, we prioritize learning as often as our crazy schedule allows. Here is Curtis Lynn Deterding in the set of the original film of #heleadethme teaching his daughter Faith Deterding about what his job will be.









One of the hardest parts of loving a father is letting go. We had the privilege of getting to know these two beautiful people on set of our first version and it was tough to see one of them go. Thank you, Dennis, for being a part of our lives and a part of #heleadethme. In loving memory.

Photo: MarJo Keller and Dennis Keller

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