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His Upper Room

Nathanael, a hard-working Jew, never expected to come face-to-face with the Messiah. But as the Passover begins, and his children’s sudden interest in the radical disrupts his business, he discovers the importance of listening to the heart of his boy while hosting a meal in his upper room for the most important Man in the world.

March 23rd and 24th

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He Leadeth Me Budget

Hello Friends and Family of Redeemer’s Song!

Happy New Year! With the fresh start that every new year provides, the production crew of He Leadeth Me is taking this opportunity to hit the ground running. We have a ton of work to do before the cameras start rolling in June, and you’ll be seeing a lot of us over the next 6 months. We’ll be producing plays, hosting fundraisers and visiting your churches to keep you up to date with our projects.

As many of you know, we are now a 501c3 non profit organization, and all of the proceeds from our events go right back into making more (and better) theater and film to share with you. He Leadeth Me will have – by far – the biggest budget of any project to date. It is important to us, especially considering the size of our proposed budget, to be transparent with how we are spending our money.

We have been putting a ton of thought and prayer into deciding where every dollar goes. This is the first time that our organization will be able to compensate our crew and actors for the work that they complete on set! We also have our eye on renting some really, top-notch gear. We hope that you agree that investing in our people as well as the quality of our product is a wise choice.

Here are the details of our current budget:

  • $ 7,500.00  PRODUCTION – includes lights, camera, audio, batteries etc.
  • $ 500.00  ADMINISTRATIVE –  includes printing and advertising
  • $ 9,000.00  CAST – includes paying stipends to our entire cast
  • $ 14,800.00  CREW – includes paying stipends to our primary & secondary crew and interns
  • $ 5,000.00  HOUSING & CRAFT SERVICES – includes hotels, travel and food on location
  • $ 1,000.00  CONTINGENCY & PETTY CASH 
    Total $38,000 +

We’ll be keeping you up to date as we rent our equipment and confirm  our crew. If you have any question, or if you would like to get involved, we would love to hear from you!

Alixandra Johnson
He Leadeth Me Producer

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